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About TSG Consulting

Make Contact with Our People

Tom Susman  |  TomSusman@TSGSolution.com
President / Government and PR Specialist / Client Services / Strategist

Joe Gollehon  | JoeGollehon@TSGsolution.com
Senior Vice President and Director of Governmental Affairs

Rachel Coffman  |  RachelCoffman@TSGSolution.com
Vice President and Director of Creative Services

Jim Wallace  |  JimWallace@TSGSolution.com
Senior Counsel for Public Relations

Phil Shimer  |  PhilShimer@TSGSolution.com
Of Counsel

Our Location

118 Capitol Street | Charleston, WV

TSG Consulting is located in the heart of downtown Charleston and less than two miles from the West Virginia Capitol.

Our offices are on the ground floor and mezzanine of one of Capitol Street's beautiful 19th century buildings. For almost a century, from the 1890s until 1987, it was home to S. Spencer Moore & Co., which sold a variety of goods, especially books. It also was where many people went to get film processed. From 1988 until 2001, the building housed Trans Alleghany Books.

When we had the first floor and mezzanine renovated in 2005 for our use, we kept the best features of its long history - the pressed tin ceiling, spiral staircases and plenty of bookshelves - while turning it into modern office space.

We're not hard to find. TSG Consulting is right across the street from the Kanawha County Public Library and just a few doors down from the Peanut Shoppe. Some parking is available at meters along the street, but be careful, because the meter readers come around often. Many people park in the Summers Street Garage, which has its entrance on Summers Street, which is one block west of Capitol Street, or at Spiro's Parking lot halfway up the next block of Capitol Street.

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